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Article: Usability Problems to Fix Today

By Kristoffer Bohmann
URL: http://www.bohmann.dk/articles/usability_problems_to_fix_today.html

Nature of the Content
This article is a short piece on a common number of problems, which are present in both small and medium size sites. These 10 problems are considered easy to fix problems.

Being an article, at the time it was published, it was no doubt timely. Now arguably, that although many of these issues are common today and easily fixed, it is losing its timeliness as new problems regarding usability develop and change.

The generality of the article seems to suggest this is written for a wide range of audience from the technological ignorant business managers, website owners (not necessarily e-commerce), but directed at a more small scale approaches of sites since it identified the problems being "well-organised" small websites.

Consistency and Simplicity, is a major factor of Web Usability enabling consumers to easily, as well as speedily navigate websites. The 10 problems covered here are some of the small 10 items that annoy users of websites and detract from this consistent and simple motto. This article provides a small range of "don't' do this" aspects of usability and whilst significant, is really not sufficient information as a general overview or as a thorough examination of an area of web usability. It would be suggested that this article as a stand alone would not be that effective unless supplemented by other materials either from elsewhere or on Bohmann's site.

Usability & Design
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