Sunday, January 03, 2010

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

poached eggs

I am an incredibly big fan of poached eggs with salmon & avocado and balsamic vinegar, or the good old eggs benedict. Although often I found I really dislike the hollondaise sauce, such a skill to getting it right.

As I'm not one to cook, my perfect saturday morning is at a cafe with an order of a nice hearty poached eggs combination breakfast, but it's often ruined by someone overcooking my eggs ( even when I ask for it not to be)

In terms of this brekkie my pet peeves in my orders have been- are:

-people overcooking the poached eggs ( happens so many time)
- the whites of the egg being scraggly like an old man's beard
- people who put the eggs on top of the spinach/salmon/whatever so that the salmon is so overcooked that it takes extremely salty ( it's a very then salty brekkie)
- the bread being hard, or too soggy ( from the eggs on top combination), and really awkward to cut with knife and fork
- the hollondaise being too sour. (although maybe I don't understand hollandaise)

The best ones I've had so far are at Gusto (before the cook changed) and down at Babar's in a shopping centre in Canberra.... nowadays I don't order it anymore because it so often doesn't meet my expectation, and I'm not a massively fussy food person.

Marcus' wareing's 'how to cook a perfect .." cookbook, explains how to cook the poached egg, it seems pretty straightforward and actually makes the whole process for kitchens who need to mass produce these eggs very straightforward, I don't understand why my poached eggs are often such epic fails!!!

point 8 of this link illustrates how you do it, obviously time adjusted cos you're not cooking a duck egg. Apparently when you want to eat it, you put the egg cooked backed into hot water for a minute and voila!

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Well, I haven't posted in so long on this, I'm looking at the template and thinking that it will be incredibly difficult to change! Currently I'm supposed to make up some working days, so I can go up to Katoomba on annual leave but this hasn't quite happened yet.

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